Imagery that holds our attention is full of expression. It’s an adventure safely contained in good composition, design and control over the medium. I love many mediums and embrace the conversation of color and light in a piece of artwork.

My earliest memories, decorating my toys, seated on carpet I can still see, and the illustrations in my first picture books. I eventually earned a degree in art and education from Michigan State University. Following graduation I hiked and railed through Europe in search of the classics in art and architecture. Today I am still inspired by that trip.

This collection is recent work. I support an art group in Milford, Michigan. My work has appeared and been awarded in local shows. I taught art in metro Detroit public schools and designed graphics for the auto industry.

I am inspired after several decades by artists and nature, in Michigan, where seasons, sunrises and sunsets bless the Great Lakes, and in Mexico, where ancient spirits surround color, nature, symbol and celebrations.